Before the Reproductive Years


Are you concerned with your daughter’s pubertal development? Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Breasts
    Breasts may start to develop from the age of 9 and usually no later than by the age of 13. Sometimes breasts may feel lumpy. If your daughter has concerns about breast lumps, she may need to see a gynaecologist to put her mind at ease.
  • Pubic Hair
    Pubic hair usually starts to grow before a woman starts her periods. If hair growth is excessive or less than what it should be (there is a variation between people of different ethnic origin), have a checkup by a gynaecologist.
  • Height
    Height is frequently a concern. Height suddenly increases before a woman is about to have her first period. This increase is critical to her final height in adulthood. If your daughter’s height is a concern, she may need a gynaecological checkup.
  • Menstruation
    Menstruation signals the beginning of the maturation of the ovaries and the uterus. Periods can be irregular before the age of 18. If your daughter has heavy or painful periods, or does not have her first period by the age of 15, she may need to see a gynaecologist for a checkup.